My Three Favorite Louis Vuitton Time Pieces

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Louis Vuitton’s men’s time pieces are something to

There’s a modest selection of watches to choose from Louis Vuitton, there are – after all – a very niche market for time pieces that speak to a certain gentleman. Below are three of the watches I like the most. 

Tambour Automatic Chronograph Brown

There are several Tambour pieces in the line up of timepieces under Louis Vuitton, referencing the drum-like shape of the face plate. This one combines the chocolate brown that is so Louis Vuitton, you wonder sometimes why they even changed their packaging. The straps are of micro macassar monogram print, making it an LV Classic in my eyes.tambour-automatic-chronograph-brown

It’s stanless steel case is 41.5 MM in diameter. Its hands glow in the dark. Movement of the watch is automatic, it’s water resistant up to 100 meters, and it’s also a chronograph: but I’m not sure anyone really uses chronographs in real world situations, unless your job is to measure time in hours, minutes, seconds an dates. It’s a beautiful Swiss-made watch.

Escale Time Zone 39

A world clock on your wrist, the Escale takes time liking (and understanding). It’s a complicated watch at a glance, but there’s so much to it that makes it a favorite of mine. Aside from it’s stunning watch face, it’s a well crafted piece, that touches on the brand’s trunk heritage. To make things easier to grasp off the cuff, it’s a 24 hour watch.escale-time-zone-39

The stainless steelcase (there’s also one in rose gold) with a diameter of 39 MM is adorned with molded trimmings in the corners mimicking LV trunk corners. It’s a tad smaller than the Tambour mentioned above. There are 24 colorful flags on the dial, that point to the trunk customizations that the house is famous for. In it’s microscopy, there are 21 jewels laid out into the dial, giving that crazy beautiful diverse appearance. The straps are alligator colored in gray, with yellow rubber lining. So beautiful.

LV Fifty Five 36 MM

In Roman Numerals, L means 50 and V means 5. So calling the watch LV Fifty Five might make more sense now that you have that on your mind. One of the reasons why I like this watch is because of the absence of our regular numbers, and each corner of time is marked with a beautifully shaped V, save for the usual LV logo positioned at 12:00. It’s so elegant, but won’t let you forget that it’s Louis Vuitton. And, it’s a much more simpler dial, compared to the first two

The case is steel, 36 MM diameter wide (the smallest in diameter compared to the rest of the watches listed in the article). LV Fifty Fives come in many sizes though. The dials are silver sunray lacquered (whatever that means). I particularly like the leather straps on this watch, because while the strap is leather, it’s also a double-folding LV steel buckle.

These three watches doesn’t make Louis Vuitton the place to buy watches. There are other brands who have a great position in the market as leaders in time pieces. Some watch connoiseurs think that fashion houses like Vuitton making time pieces is a joke or a waste of money, but there’s nothing really wrong with any watch that’s Swiss made. They all tell the time. But what tells your style?

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