Fashion + Psychology: Why Hot Pink Heels Make The World Go ‘Round

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Have you ever stopped to think about what your personal style says about your personality?

One morning a few years ago, I woke up for work and was unable to locate my reliable black leather work shoes in my messy bedroom. Having gleefully kicked them off the night before, they were now nowhere to be found. Already late for work, I grabbed the nearest pair of shoes I could find.

They just happened to be 6-inch hot pink heels.

I had two choices: either show up looking comically overdressed (and out on the prowl) or be labeled as the “mildly amusing, bohemian artistic eccentric” who went to work without any shoes at all.

what do your clothes say about your personality type

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After lacing up my kicks for the walk to work (seriously, who can walk 30 minutes in 6-inch heels?) I arrived at my office. Before I could even say “good morning”, my bright heels got hit with all kinds of creative remarks from my colleagues…

“Nice shoes,” said Clive from IT before he carefully made himself another cup of coffee – probably already his sixth of the day with his usual half-teaspoon of sugar (because he lived on the edge).

“What happened to wearing black?” David – my colleague who was well-known for sporting the same beige suit every day for the last twenty-five years – snobbishly droned.

As the day wore on, something really profound struck me: all of the people who commented on and condemned my ostentatious footwear projected really boring and bland personalities. When I tried to crack a joke (“My grandma asked for her shoes back, so I had to pull these puppies out”) I was met with blank stares.

personal style and personality
So, I started to wonder: do our clothes reflect our personality? Does wearing brightly-colored shoes make us weird, or does it suggest that we are more inventive, more liberated – perhaps even more creative and more imaginative?

Moreover, does a dull taste in fashion and a tame personal style suggest that we are bland, feeble communicators who have nothing original to wear or to say? Does it hint that we like to play it safe at all times and respond to text messages with lame monosyllable responses like “k”?

I adopted the viewpoint that the more adventurous someone is with their personal style, the more open and fun they are as people. Those of us who wear “crazy” clothes are announcing to the world that we don’t feel the need to conform to perceived social norms. We have a playful personality, and we’re not going to keep it locked up inside a three-piece cage suit. Instead, we’re going to revolt against uniforms, fashion standards, and black granny shoes.

what your fashion sense says about you

The always creative Lady Gaga


My theory? Hot pink heels (and other eclectic items) make the world go ’round. The world needs innovation. If Picasso had never had the guts to paint Les Demoiselles d’Avignon in 1906, the world of modern art would be very different. He could have listened to his critics who would have told him the world was not ready for such a painting; that it looked different, ugly and weird.

If Steve Jobs had never rebelled against his Apple paymasters, Apple wouldn’t be the dominant brand that it is today. But he stood up for his against-the-grain beliefs because he knew he was right. Today, innovation is driving start-ups to succeed, ad entrepreneurs are daring to be different. They think outside the box and they wear whatever the heck they want.

Without innovation, the world would stand still. There would be no more progress, no more excitement – no more newness. People who shape the world are leaders, and leaders stand out from the crowd. They know how to stir others into action, and they know how to get the best results. Most importantly, they know how to communicate.

And they’re not afraid of looking different.


Long before Silicon Valley’s hoodie-wearing hipsters entered the scene, Steve Jobs broke the mold when he wore turtlenecks, jeans, and sneakers to work every day, without fail. He bucked the trend of corporate executives who always wore tailored suits that fit like gloves. He dared to be different because he knew that difference is the key to progress. It was his company that came up with the “think different” advertisement, after all.

Despite his unconventional looks, Jobs was an excellent communicator – indeed, he was a far more successful communicator than most of his peers. He thought outside the box, he dressed outside the box, and he communicated to people outside the box. He communicated his visions so powerfully that his company Apple became one of the world’s biggest brands.

Vincent Dignan fashion style

Vincent Dignan


Dressing flamboyantly is a great way to get noticed, but it’s also a great way to start a conversation. Your wild heels can be ice-breakers and your odd socks can get people talking. Clothes can give us confidence, or they can take it away.

Enclothed cognition is a fairly new term which refers to the influence your personal style has on your own psychological processes. In other words, what you wear can influence the way you think, act, and even talk. If you wear dull, brown suits, you’re more likely to talk in monotones. Conversely, if you wear colorful, eye-catching attire like the entrepreneur Vincent Dignan, you’re far likelier to have inventive ideas and to find it easier to express them – and inspire those around you.

As psychologists are beginning to discover, clothes really do make the woman! So, what do your clothes say about you? Are you holding yourself back with your wardrobe choices?

For better communication with more interesting people who are on your level, do yourself a favor and spice up your wardrobe.

My advice? Go get some hot pink heels and wear them with pride!

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Valentine’s Day Lingerie

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and if you’re looking to heat up things in the bedroom, there’s nothing better than lingerie. From lace bralettes to sexy bustiers and satin slip dresses, get ready to flaunt some serious skin. And we all know that lingerie can be quite costly. But with our roundup, we found something at every price point. With pieces starting as low as $6.99 and going up to hundreds of dollars, budget shouldn’t be a concern. Discover over twenty pieces from top brands such as La Perla, Agent Provocateur, Intimately Free People and H&M. So what are you waiting for? See some serious Valentine’s Day lingerie inspiration below.

H&M Lace Bralette & Lace Hipster Briefs ($19.99 for top, $6.99 for bottoms)This matching lace set’s perfect for the bedroom – H&M Lace Bralette & Lace Hipster Briefs ($19.99 for top, $6.99 for bottoms)Calvin Klein Tease Bralette & High-Waisted Hipster in RoseThink pink with CK’s bra and hipster pieces – Calvin Klein Tease Bralette & High-Waisted Hipster in Rose ($38 for top & $32 for bottoms)Out From Under Front Closure Lace Halter Bra $29Easily slip out of this halter bra – Out From Under Front Closure Lace Halter Bra $29Intimately Free People Get Off My Cloud Underwire Bra & UndieWe love this red-hot underwear set – Intimately Free People Get Off My Cloud Underwire Bra & Undie ($32 for top & $48 for bottoms)Intimately Free People Bedroom Eyes Bralette & Tie BikiniA sensual eye lash lace style comes in several colors – Intimately Free People Bedroom Eyes Bralette & Tie Bikini ($38 for top, $28 for bottoms)Out From Under Be Mind Mesh Underwire Bra $39Set your heart on fire with this pink and red bra – Out From Under Be Mind Mesh Underwire Bra $39


La Perla Airy Blooms Leavers Lace-Paneled Stretch-Jersey and Tulle BodysuitClassic lace gets a sexy makeover – La Perla Airy Blooms Leavers Lace-Paneled Stretch-Jersey and Tulle Bodysuit $325Intimately Free People Lace Bodysuit in RedGet red-hot in this lace bodysuit – Intimately Free People Lace Bodysuit in Red $38ASOS Mya Lace Bardot Bodysuit in BlackFlaunt some shoulder in black – ASOS Mya Lace Bardot Bodysuit in Black $43Ann Summers Valentines Celia Lingerie SetHeat up the bedroom in this set – Ann Summers Valentines Celia Lingerie Set ($101 for full set)H&M Mesh and Lace BustierA mesh and lace bustier makes a winner – H&M Mesh and Lace Bustier $29.99

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My Three Favorite Louis Vuitton Time Pieces

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Louis Vuitton’s men’s time pieces are something to

There’s a modest selection of watches to choose from Louis Vuitton, there are – after all – a very niche market for time pieces that speak to a certain gentleman. Below are three of the watches I like the most. 

Tambour Automatic Chronograph Brown

There are several Tambour pieces in the line up of timepieces under Louis Vuitton, referencing the drum-like shape of the face plate. This one combines the chocolate brown that is so Louis Vuitton, you wonder sometimes why they even changed their packaging. The straps are of micro macassar monogram print, making it an LV Classic in my eyes.tambour-automatic-chronograph-brown

It’s stanless steel case is 41.5 MM in diameter. Its hands glow in the dark. Movement of the watch is automatic, it’s water resistant up to 100 meters, and it’s also a chronograph: but I’m not sure anyone really uses chronographs in real world situations, unless your job is to measure time in hours, minutes, seconds an dates. It’s a beautiful Swiss-made watch.

Escale Time Zone 39

A world clock on your wrist, the Escale takes time liking (and understanding). It’s a complicated watch at a glance, but there’s so much to it that makes it a favorite of mine. Aside from it’s stunning watch face, it’s a well crafted piece, that touches on the brand’s trunk heritage. To make things easier to grasp off the cuff, it’s a 24 hour watch.escale-time-zone-39

The stainless steelcase (there’s also one in rose gold) with a diameter of 39 MM is adorned with molded trimmings in the corners mimicking LV trunk corners. It’s a tad smaller than the Tambour mentioned above. There are 24 colorful flags on the dial, that point to the trunk customizations that the house is famous for. In it’s microscopy, there are 21 jewels laid out into the dial, giving that crazy beautiful diverse appearance. The straps are alligator colored in gray, with yellow rubber lining. So beautiful.

LV Fifty Five 36 MM

In Roman Numerals, L means 50 and V means 5. So calling the watch LV Fifty Five might make more sense now that you have that on your mind. One of the reasons why I like this watch is because of the absence of our regular numbers, and each corner of time is marked with a beautifully shaped V, save for the usual LV logo positioned at 12:00. It’s so elegant, but won’t let you forget that it’s Louis Vuitton. And, it’s a much more simpler dial, compared to the first two

The case is steel, 36 MM diameter wide (the smallest in diameter compared to the rest of the watches listed in the article). LV Fifty Fives come in many sizes though. The dials are silver sunray lacquered (whatever that means). I particularly like the leather straps on this watch, because while the strap is leather, it’s also a double-folding LV steel buckle.

These three watches doesn’t make Louis Vuitton the place to buy watches. There are other brands who have a great position in the market as leaders in time pieces. Some watch connoiseurs think that fashion houses like Vuitton making time pieces is a joke or a waste of money, but there’s nothing really wrong with any watch that’s Swiss made. They all tell the time. But what tells your style?

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Tiffany & Co. 2017 Out Of Retirement Collection

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‘If you want to move forward often look back, otherwise you’ll forget where you came from and where you need to go’ says a motivational quote that’s commonly found online, and it’s also very apt when one thinks of Tiffany & Co.’s Out Of Retirement collection for 2017, a selection of jewellery and gifts that hark back almost 70 years. Named so because Tiffany never discontinues anything, but rather retires instead, the 2017 collection includes pieces from the 1940s all the way to 2003, with a variety of bracelets, cuffs, earrings and rings that looked good then and certainly won’t look out of place today as well on the modern woman.


Besides the jewellery, you’ll also find interesting pieces in sterling silver, one of which (and my personal favourite) is a drinking flask in the shape of a fish, that wittingly pays homage to the adage ‘drink like a fish’. Prices start from SGD505 for block rings in sterling silver all the way to SGD9000 for a pair of 18K gold earrings studded with diamonds, all of which are available now in Singapore for you to check out.

So whether you’re looking for an heirloom piece that’s destined to be passed down through the generations, or something fun with a difference (cue the fish flask), here’s a gentle reminder that Tiffany & Co. boutiques are located at ION Orchard, Ngee Ann City and soon-to-be-opened flagship at Marina Bay Sands.

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Louis Vuitton is definitely bringing its A Game with its Spring/Summer 2017 Ad Campaign entitled “Series 6.” The campaign features all sorts of ready-to-wear items, handbags, as well as the Petite Malle iPhone case, which are all, inspired by the Parisian culture and is considered to be the soul of the collection.

People have a lot to look forward to with this campaign especially now that it will be releasing the Petite Malle iPhone cases in March 2017. This latest Louis Vuitton phone accessory is a soon-to-be trusted modern version of the French fashion house’s most coveted travel trunks.

The next item that caught our attention and made our hearts skipped a beat is this particular bag right here. What a petite black bag beauty to have, right? This is a Monogram printed bag in black featuring dots and is called a Louis Vuitton Twist Bag. And you might be surprised to know that this is not actually a new bag but the great news is that the print is new! This little bag goes hand in hand with your everyday ensembles since its black color can match any outfit in your wardrobe.











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The Louis Vuitton’s Airy V Pochette Louise Bag is the perfect feminine bag companion! For LV lovers out there, the Louise Bag is not a new bag and in fact it has been around for quite some time. This time around, the French designer house reinvented and gave it a classic twist by adding an Airy V embossed finishing, reminding V of Vuitton.

Ever wonder how they were able to make this design? Well, the secret was laid open. Louis Vuitton made use of smooth leather that has been embossed with a thin foam backing, thus ensuring a light padded result. Despite its size, women shouldn’t feel intimidated at all as it still offers a great capacity of storage while its delicate and striking chain allows an elegant shoulder carry.

Made from embossed calfskin, it features a tone-on-tone edge dyeing, and microfiber lining. Aesthetic wise, it also has a signature LV clasp and gold-like chain for shoulder carry while its interior offers an inside zipped pocket and inside flat pocket.

Measuring 9.1” x 6.3” x 1.6” (L x H x W) inches and is priced $2880 USD, €2000 euro, £1860 GBP, $23800 HKD, $3550 AUD, ¥324000 JPY via Louis Vuitton e-store or boutiques.



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